Midsommar ★★★★½

This is esentially an absolute masterpiece. Masterfully directed, amazingly written, incredibly acted (Florence Pugh is absolutely incredible, i mean OH MY GOD SHE IS SO GOOD), really well shot with great visuals, Digital really works for this one, amazing shot composition, amazing music, one of the best comic reliefs maybe ever, insanely original scene transitions and a very interesting way of telling the story. Also it feels 147 minutes long, but it is very entertaining and i was interested through the whole thing. My only problem is that i´m not really sure if there is a point to all of it. Also yeah there are some strange, fucked up and gory scenes but not AS MUCH as everyone says. But yeah i have probably never seen a film like this and it is very much a masterpiece.

Yeah and the practial effects are incredible.

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