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Before I go on with my review, let me get something straight: I get why people have problems with it. Heck, I have some problems with it. Canto Bight isn’t the most interesting, although I think the whole profiting of war is really fascinating, Luke’s characterization obviously isn’t great of you love his character, but that’s kind of the point. So while I love this movie, I get why you may not.

That said, if you say that this movie is objectively bad or that no one is allowed to like this, then that’s where I have a problem. No movie is objectively bad, not even Cats, as tempted as I am to say that it is. I don’t have a problem with you absolutely loathing this movie and you shouldn’t have a problem with me loving it. It’s just crazy how toxic the Star Wars fandom has become... 

Anyways, this movie might be my favorite Star Wars movie, not the best, necessarily, but my favorite. I love everything the movie stands for. Every character has a compelling arc that I’m drawn to, and every scene is important towards the movie. 

I love the cinematography here, it is undoubtedly the best-looking Star Wars movie for me. Rian Johnson’s direction is also fantastic, and he makes the movie more compelling by his beautiful directing. And the screenplay, while containing some plot holes (mostly the Lightspeed Tracking thing), is fantastic if we’re talking about the dialogue and relationship between characters. It all just feels very organic.

Why I don’t give this five stars I because I feel that Rise of Skywaller’s abandonment of most of the themes here, affects my take on this movie. That might not seem fair, but it just does. The movie itself though is freaking fantastic for me.

Yes, this is without a doubt my favorite Sequel Trilogy movie, and the one that got me most hyped for the following movie, which is why I think Rise of Skywalker disappointed me so much. But on its own this is more than a Star Wars. It challenges how you see Star Wass movies in general, and I love I for that.

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