Richard Jewell ★★★½

I am an unapologetic fan of Clint Eastwood movies - at least a lot of them - so I'm always excited to watch his most recent film (except JERSEY BOYS fuck that movie).

RICHARD JEWELL is decidedly middle-tier Eastwood. If it weren't for the FANTASTIC performances of Kathy Bates and Paul Walter Hauser, this would be a pretty damn boring movie. The writing and direction feel lazy as hell.

I was pleased that this wasn't some kind of "oh look how our society declares people guilty" #MeToo reactionary statement, as I feared it might be. The court of public opinion is never condemned in the film - blame is placed squarely on the FBI (and on journalists/reporters). They "court of public opinion" isn't even really an element of the film (this is good, imo) and, if anything, the movie absolves them by holding a federal agency responsible.

Anyway, I'm glad it wasn't some conservative bullshit statement about how "quick" we are to "declare people guilty" or whatever the hell.

Good enough movie, and maybe it's as good as the source material could provide.