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  • Unfriended



    this movie is such a time capsule. never expected 2020 to be so awful that i would be nostalgic for my freshman year of high school.

    so glad i experienced this on a laptop instead of in the theater


    "she said she was gonna burn me alive dude" *lights bowl*

    ken was the best part

    if she clicked on the spare ribs youtube reccomended video, i would've happily given this movie five stars

  • Cam


    “welcome to my bath!” 
    i’ve always wanted to be a wrinkle monster
    camgirl clubhouse is better than hypehouse prove me wrong
    moral of the story if you go blonde life gets...better

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  • The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

    The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement


    i’ll never forgive this movie for setting the unrealistic expectation in my mind that sleepovers were only fun if you could mattress surface in your royal family’s castle

  • Friend Request

    Friend Request


    this whole movie is being jealous you’re not the heather of your school

    indistinct chatter was the first subtitle and very likely a description of the entire film

    alycia debnam carey can still stomp me out in an alleyway 

    LAU RA made me ugly cry / sob laugh

    i almost dropped out of my film major because of this movie