Airplane! ★★★★★

I’m still struggling to find stuff to watch at the minute as some financial strain has effectively stopped me collecting Blurays all together, forcing me to use the weak UK Digital Libraries. I still wanted to keep reviewing however, as I had effectively no momentum when I reviewed here regularly and so I didn’t want to be buried all together if I stopped for a while.

As such I decided to pick something at least reliable, the mysterious Airplane! which gets it so right where so many others have failed. How does it do it? All these years, I have no idea but I’ve loved every second of every view. I don’t necessarily have a favourite moment, I guess part of what made Airplane! so iconic is that no joke really misses, they don’t all get the same reaction of course but every moment got at least a smile from me. Even the REALLY random jokes which I’m still trying to figure out to this day. For me this is an especially big deal because it’s hard for even the “money jokes” to make me smile in most comedies, so for me to effectively laugh from start to finish in a movie makes this something special. I love this film.

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