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This review may contain spoilers.

Admittedly I was kinda hoping for a more exciting origin to the mask that defined a generation but it is still pretty fun in the way that each Friday instalment defines a little more of what the franchise is all about while still utterly ignoring any shred of continuity. Even the first film which is the most markedly different to the next two defined the "have sex then die" formula that the franchise would then go on to structure itself around going forwards.

Richard Brooker is the first to play Jason in the guise that we know and the great thing about letting a stuntman play your Slasher is when you need him to have his neck broken or take an axe to the face, it can all be done in camera. Brooker actually puts in a solid performance though too adding in nice little physical touches like the weird way Jason stands, the strange way he hangs his shoulders and this interesting way he moves that makes it seem like every one of Jason's limbs is a different length or belonged to a different person. Brooker also manages to find a lot of personality through very little material with the almost contrasting sides of shadowy stalker and clumsy tantrum thrower telling us far more about the character than any silly exposition dump can.

A cool novelty in this Friday the 13th set is it actually allows you to watch part 3 in its original Anaglyph 3D presentation including some sweet retro 3D glasses. Perhaps because of the old style 3D technology the film is extremely prone to ghosting which will have you absent-mindedly fiddling with the glasses all the way through (and that cardboard slicing over your ears fucking hurts, man) but when the 3D actually works, it really fucking works, man. At times Miner's eye for organising a shot to maximise the depth and pop out entertainment of 3D fashions a sequence of such brilliance it actually ends up being one of the best 3D presentations I've had the joy of enjoying at home, far better even than the modern equivalents we get now.

Overall Part 2 is the better film, sure but with the heavy censorship and lack of 3D gimmicks it just isn't nearly as entertaining. Jason is a better slasher here, the kills are far more satisfying and when it isn't ghosting into a headache inducing haze, this is a really fantastic 3D experience. I haven't had a better time with a Friday instalment yet.

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