Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★

Been meaning to rewatch this since I finished ‘The Hunt’. Did it hold up on a rewatch? Honestly, in some regards, I actually enjoyed this a little more a second time.

I read some comments I made on other reviews when I watched it the first time, criticising the humour and the absurdist elements of this, but I don’t really agree with past me on this. Sure, the commentary is never as biting as it should be but there is some real laugh out loud hilarity to be found in this one. Like it is rare for a movie to make me laugh at all, but I was belly laughing at this in places. I also think the absurdity is a huge strength, do I wish the film was tighter and better written? Of course, but the absurdity makes some of the narrative failings easier to swallow. Had this been a more serious, straighter, horror film I feel it wouldn’t have landed nearly as well.

I didn’t remember it taking quite as long to hit it’s stride as it did when I watched it in cinemas last year. There are some attempts at social commentary and a mythology here, but it is never committed to fully and this still remains a pain point for me. The simple, tense, chase sequence that makes up the bulk of the film is strong and compelling, I feel like there was no reason to distract from that with little fragments of ideas they never intended to meaningfully do anything with.

However, once all the cylinders start firing it can be a real blast and I feel like really, once this is firing, all the little missteps are easy to forget and ignore. Or at least easier, as you’ll be having too much fun to really care. Plus, with a climax that memorably bonkers, narrative hiccups along the way are far easier to forgive.

What also makes it far easier to forgive is having Samara Weaving at the centre of it all. She is a huge crush of mine and she’s both gorgeous and badass here. We watch Grace evolve, adapt and kick ass. That shot of her in her torn, dirty, wedding dress, Converse with the bandolier and shotgun is just so iconically striking. ‘Evil Dead’ remake with Weaving as Ash when?

Honestly, while it’s Weaving’s film, it’d be a disservice not to mention how strong the whole cast are. Some are more defined and have more dimensions than others, but I actually like this group a lot.

Add to that some solid gore and real laugh out loud moments, you’ve got a cult classic here. Oh and that Hide and Seek Song slaps, don’t even @ me.

— Locke.

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