Venom ★★★★

Let’s just get it out of the way, did I think this was as bad as the critics made out?

Certainly not.

Did I think the film had problems?


Did I enjoy the film though?

I actually really did.

I think the biggest problem with ‘Venom’ is that Sony don’t seem to know what the fuck they are doing and all of their productions are absolute nightmares by all reports. There is a lot of screen time in ‘Venom’ dedicated to establishing the ground rules for this seeming attempt at a franchise going forwards but then when it is finally done establishing its rules, it then proceeds to spend the rest of the movie either ignoring or breaking those rules it spent such a long fucking time establishing. Is the writing bad? Are the writers lazy? Or is this a byproduct of what happens when a movie is allegedly hacked apart and stitched back together? I suppose we’ll never truly know but for me it was the thing that really held this movie back.

Wade through that long, honestly pretty boring and ultimately meaningless first act though and from pretty much the moment Eddie Brock becomes Venom the film is a joy. Tom Hardy basically makes the movie.

I have been extremely critical of Hardy’s work in the past and apparently part of the reason ‘Venom’ is a bit of a mess was because Hardy was butting heads creatively with director Ruben Fleischer. Fleischer wanted to make ‘Venom’ all DC Universe whereas Hardy wanted to embrace the more ridiculous elements of Venom’s canon. What was the line from Hardy, “All my favourite scenes were cut”?

While Fleischer may very well have broken his film to bury Hardy’s vision for the film, Hardy’s approach is the approach within the film that actually works. Hardy turns body horror into something so fun in his dual role as Eddie Brock and Venom. Yeah it is Hardy doing silly voices again but the sort of buddy cop central aspect of Hardy partnered with... himself just works better really than it has any right to. I also had no idea that Hardy was so good at physical comedy either but the way he captures Venom controlling his body against his will is absolutely hilarious. If a sequel is ever made, I am so happy that Hardy has signed on for more.

Bottom Line? Cut out pretty much the entire first act and you’ve got a really enjoyable film on your hands here. I can definitely see this growing into a real cult favourite, especially if they release a version on BluRay that has all those parts put back in that Hardy loved but were cut.

I guess the critics are wrong again... what a surprise.

— Locke.

(This film also made me discover that I have apparently been blocked by someone on here I don't think I have ever interacted with? Sorry for whatever I did to that person)

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