Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★

So many thoughts on this film so let's get started.
There are two things that saved me from completely disliking this film:
1. Chris Pratt
2. The Music

The beginning of the film reminded me A LOT of Olan Roger's 'Pop Rocket' series, especially the mix of humor and serious storyline. With that said, I did watch this movie because of Chris Pratt's performance in 'Parks and Rec'. I genuinely appreciated the humorous spin on this film because it's differently and the type of humor in this film is very different. Although I do appreciate the humor, it felt overbearing and forced...a little bit misplaced. Chris Pratt has a natural playfulness to his personality and it was fun and all but it just didn't feel right in this movie.

I found the love story between Pratt and Saldana's completely unnecessary. I didn't read the original comic series so that subplot might've already been there but the romance also felt forced. I did appreciate that Saldana wasn't overly sexualized in this film though.

The soundtrack is probably the best part of this film and I loved that it become a symbol. Excellent choices all around on the music. The special effects were also very good in this film but a little over the top. I was vaguely reminded of Star Trek in certain scenes. I definitely think that the director and Olan Rogers have similar style but I personally prefer Olan's 'Pop Rockets' because of its simplier style and well-placed humor.

The relationship development between Groot and Rocket was spectacular. I really liked the end when the screen panned to a tiny stick version of Groot.

I will say that I've never been a HUGE fan of comic books turned movies - I'll watch them but I'm not going to be overly thrilled or excited. I purposely avoided watching this film during the summer because of all the hype, and Chris Pratt's sudden boom to fame. I do like this film over most of the other comic book films because it is different, there's no doubt about that. I suppose my expectations were just a little too high.