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This review may contain spoilers.

The true purpose of filmmaking as an art form is to evoke thought and emotion in the viewer. For me, no film evokes emotion as remarkably as Wong Kar-Wai's "In the Mood for Love". It is a deep and often breathtaking meditation on longing. This overwhelming emotionality is realized through heartbreaking self-restraint of Chow and Su's love and Wong Kar-Wai's brilliant use of color, most notably red. Kar-Wai's brilliance continues through his wholly innovative style of frames within frames, and is able to use this technique to further the subtext of the film consistently. If I were to have to discuss one particular scene, it would without a doubt be the film's conclusion, in which Chow visits Angkor Watt in Cambodia. Here, Kar-Wai moves slowly, allowing the audience to puzzle out what Chow is doing, to recall to the previous scene in which Chow explains the ancient practice of hiding secrets, and gradually and devastatingly realize that he has finally buried his hope for good. Simply put, this film is an utter masterpiece.

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