Days of Being Wild ★★★★

I have had Wong Kar-wai's films In the Mood for Love and 2046 in my DVD collection for a long while. With that said, Days of Being Wild is the first of Wong Kar-wai's films I have seen. I have waited patiently with watching the two other films, because I knew they, along with Days of Being Wild formed an unofficial/spiritual trilogy. Now that I have finally seen Days of Being Wild, I can only say that I look forward to watching Wong Kar-wai's other films.

The cinematography by Christopher Doyle is absolutely brilliant. The toned down color scheme and the dark-green lights perfectly captures the lonely mood that our characters find themselves in. Even when they are engaging in acts that seem to display a positive attitude, you can always tell what they're actually feeling throughout the film, solely based on the visuals. The slow-paced direction by Wong Kar-wai also works wonders for the film, as it allows its audience to truly soak in the emotions each character is going through. The direction truly uses the "show, don't tell" rule to its advantage, and the film brilliantly shows us how gloomy the feeling of loneliness can be.

While the film is a technical marvel, I can't say the same about its characters. I thought it was a bit too difficult at times to relate to the characters, even when I could understand their emotional struggles. The reason for that being that they felt more like vehicles for the loose plot of the film, rather than actual human beings. I would have liked it, if their personalities had been more distinct, as they felt a bit too similar to each other. Also, the atmosphere of the film could feel a bit too chaotic for its own good. I absolutely love the visuals, but the soundtrack broke my immersion most of the time. It might just be my disdain for Kenny G, but the song choices for this film felt unnecessarily cheesy.

In conclusion, Days of Being Wild is a great film that shows us how loneliness can feel, and how it affects us. I admit a rewatch of this film in the future might make me like it more, but my current impression is that its flaws keeps me from rating it higher.

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