Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★½

Looking at the rating I have given this film, some of you might write me off as predictable, biased, a "supporter of the evil mainstream of Disney films", or some of you might even complain about me not giving this a full 5/5 stars (or 10/10, if you prefer that rating scale). I will stand by my rating of this film, no matter what, because as many flaws as I could find in it, I feel that the positives outweigh the negatives for the most part.

The performances are great all around here, with Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Adam Driver (who's seriously been on fire acting-wise over the last couple of years) being the standouts for me, and this film definitely takes the Skywalker saga into directions that appeases me, but might piss off others. The set-pieces and effects were pretty damn great entertainment for me, and Rian Johnson did a solid job at building tension throughout, and will also say that the pacing of this film was great, in general. Some people might get pissed off at BB-8's involvement in the plot, as well as the Porgs, but honestly, BB-8 became one of my favorite badasses of this franchise while I watched The Last Jedi.

Plotwise, this film takes a big step in the right direction, as it tries to explore the nature, and complexity, of good and evil, in a way that I found rather riveting and compelling. I applaud Rian Johnson, once again, for trying to ask questions about the morality within the universe, and doing so in a manner I found rather poignant. It certainly leaves a lot of room open for, how the last installment of this current trilogy will play out, and I am welcoming this sense of uncertainty as to where the Star Wars franchise is heading. Especially in a time where everything has to be a cinematic universe, for better or worse. On a completely unrelated note, I should also mention that this is probably the funniest of the newer Star Wars films, and I mean intentionally funny. There's, for the most part, a great tonal balance.

My flaws with this film are where I admit some might call bullshit on me, but I still want to address them. As much as I like the themes and their exploration in The Last Jedi, this film does have a tendency to do massive exposition dumps. It always has the opportunity to just effectively show its decisive moments, but it instead resorts to telling them, which did irk me a lot, although it was never breaking the film for me. There were certain moments, where the film felt more like Spaceballs than Star Wars in terms of the humor, and they didn't always work for the better. Without spoiling too much, I will also that Finn's subplot felt a bit out of place, and it did take up too much runtime. It felt as if Johnson was in doubt as to what he should do with the character. Lastly, and a minor nitpick, did we really need to see Adam Driver's man nipples? I am quite sure this film wasn't directed by Zack Snyder!

In conclusion, Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a damn excellent space opera/science fantasy film, and so far, the better of this Disney-trilogy of Star Wars films. It might not please everybody, and it will definitely not win over new fans, but I found it awesome and compelling, and that's what matters to me in the end.

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