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This review may contain spoilers.

After a long night of false accusations and a long line of bad luck, Paul Hackett's only comment after looking through a window and seeing a man get shot multiple times in the torso was: "I'll probably get blamed for that too."

The urban misadventures of a man named Paul Hackett who just wants to make it back home after meeting an intriguing and strange girl who draws him into the middle of late night downtown SoHo, and the happenings and various personalities thereof. I particularly liked the chaos of the things shown through the windows of other SoHo apartments and lofts that well describes how crazy that entire area is, and doesnt make the chaos feel as centered around just Paul, by making it feel more regional and widespread.

At the start of the night Paul wanted excitement and something to break his boring streak of life, and by the end through the worst night of his life he wants nothing more to be back to where he has learned he belongs and back to his job.

This feels so much longer than it is but never drags in pace. The story is clever and a lot of the joy of the story is through little set ups that you don't realize are set-ups and then their pay-offs that make you remember an earlier time in the film, and further makes the whole package feel well written and tied together. I guess that's the general point of good set-ups and pay-offs though. I loved the camera work, it felt somewhat unique but at the same time still felt very Martin Scorsese. Some parts of this almost felt a little like Blade Runner just stripped of the sci-fi (like most of the punk). There were a few convenient moments that particularly stuck out because the fast-paced spiraling flow of the story complimented by hasty camera work felt pretty natural for the majority of the movie.

Despite nitpicks I really enjoyed this and you can watch it on HBO max, but only for a little longer so make hast dweebs.

4 stars: Very nice

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