Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

love me til my heart stops
love me til i’m dead

talking heads don’t just play music. they PERFORM. i’ve been in love with the talking heads for probably a year and a half now (maybe 2?) and for some reason i always put off watching this because i felt like it would emotionally overwhelm me (well…). their music got me through some of the most difficult times of my life and it was basically my crutch as i went through university feeling mostly alone and depressed. when i watched true stories by david byrne a year or so ago i still remember it as one of the most emotionally, mentally peaceful moments in recent memory. i remember even tweeting about how i reread my letterboxd review for it and the emotions i had felt that time came dawning on me; i just felt happy in the simplest way somebody could be happy. i guess the reason why i finally decided to watch this today is because i was looking for that feeling again and of course, talking heads gave me just that. 

i may not have been a fan for a long time but i did find them at a very lonely period of my life which is probably why they mean so much to me. this was just an experience. it’s wonderful, it is brimming with love and sweat and passion and pure joy. the look on david’s face as he tries to stop himself from smiling makes my heart swell with happiness and watching the band burst with energy and soul is so infectious. just like everybody else, my favorite song is this must be the place and my god hearing a slightly different rendition of it sent me over the moon. the first few notes of the song is enough to open the pandora’s box in my brain but this one. this one was special.

idk how else to put in to words how absolutely wonderful this is. it made me fall deeper in love with some of the songs here (to be specific: slippery people!!!!!!!) and wished i could experience this better and not simply through my laptop screen. one day. my goal is to one day watch this in a bigger screen, with a better sound system, with people who can dance along or perhaps, just by myself again! i don’t mind! 

talking heads will be one of my top artists again this year im afraid

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