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  • Flic
  • Hill of No Return
  • On the Silver Globe
  • 0.5 mm

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  • Bullet Train

    Bullet Train


    "The Art of Japanese Fate" your American friend hands you a book with this name. From the author's name, it's evident that this is from a Western perspective. You remembered that time back in that hotel celebrating your siblings' birthday, you passed by a few American tourists sitting by the pool. They greet you in a mock greeting, which sounds Chinese, or what it sounds like to them, which is weird, because you're not Chinese. You walk pass them with…

  • Haruhara-san's Recorder

    Haruhara-san's Recorder


    Blue skied park
    bright transit in a few days.
    Three people walked around the village.
    Kotake-mukaihara around the coffeehouse. Towards seeing
    our tranquility;

    In this park,
    a sleeping woman
    remembers, her loved one
    of years gone by,
    forgetting memories

    In this coffeehouse,
    the siblings talk
    and talk
    about their mother
    of years gone by,
    forgetting connections

    Fake hand-crafted jewelry
    The gift of people unrelated by blood
    buried within the internal world
    remembering - in every day
    and in every night

Popular reviews

  • Swing Girls

    Swing Girls


    Meeting jazz. Food poisoning the brass band. Accidentally killing a boar and getting rewarded for it. Selling a Playstation console for instruments. Everyone in the cast whose character plays their respective instruments learned for real behind the scenes. Hawaii. The brilliant chemistry. Small and giant landing comedic moments. Slacking to swinging. And a boy. Pure joy, just teenagers making themselves and the world better through musical influence. Jazz mouse. The hyperactive energy of Dance With Me may win over me more, but Swing Girls takes it's joyful veins in a slightly more understated route, one that goes into specially unique and rewarding ones.

  • Made in Hong Kong

    Made in Hong Kong


    Fruit Chan is like the angrier Wong Kar-wai. Psychological love is present but stripped down, and the only thing left is angst. Dreaminess fills the entire film, our characters want to dream, but nihlism eventually takes over and the only reward they get is nothing but shattered hopes and dreams. Features a low-key optimistic version of the cemetary scene from Dangerous Encounters of the First Kind.