Tenet ★★★

Motif or fitoM. John David Washington cheese grating someone. Reverse movement. Tenet has ambitions; a focus on atmosphere and mood, but somehow I feel a little unsatisfied with that. Takeshi Kitano's Sonatine and this both approach mood, the former engaged in repetitive, and impressionistic mundane; the latter in chaos and expressionism. I don't think I should be comparing both films, as they are obviously different, though they do use action as a vehicle in a way that drives it to their point. The characterization here isn't well-defined, even other films with similar intentions can give audiences a satisfying connection to the characters on-screen in a way. For me, Christopher Nolan has combined wonderful storytelling and a big mood better in a film like Interstellar. Great ambitions with various; mixed results, but nonetheless, this is an interesting road to be in.

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