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A lighthearted comedy about Nazi Germany ? Yea it doesn't sound like it should work right ? Taika manages to sort of stick the landing though, JoJo rabbit is heartwarming, emotional and pretty funny throughout. The child performances in this were very strong, especially from Roman Griffin Davis and Thomasin McKenzie, the other performances were good too, even though Scarlett Johansson's accent was a bit strange. Taika's Hitler was goofy and perfectly depicted what a kid that idolizes Hitler would imagine. I liked how jojo had to struggle with that idolization and eventually abandons it as the film goes on. The comedy mostly landed for me personally and I think that moment of heartbreak and realization for JoJo near the end of the film was well executed. For the most part the film was well shot too, but the style of the film does feel a bit inspired by another certain filmmaker (you know the one). My only gripe with this film is that it kinda lost me a bit in the middle of the film, and most of the sound track wasn't all that great (except that German version of Heroes by David Bowie that was awesome). I had fun with this one, it's pretty solid.


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