Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★

"That was a cheap move."

Or: The Discourse will be with you. Always.

genuinely thought I'd never watch these again after IX but here we are relitigating the culture wars once more. almost dropped my rating down lower due to really feeling taken aback by the general messy nature of the movie this time, but that is equally its strength and weakness so I just went back to how I felt after my original viewing. sort of a fitting experience to have with this franchise. for as long as the runtime shouldn't be, its all needed to get the emotional beats across. for as often it duds in the resistance half, almost too much weight is thrust on the force half. it balances out enough. P O E T R Y.

the "tragedy" at the heart of this story (as much as a mass media IP owned by the Mouse can have one) is TLJ can't actually be the gamechanger it wants to be. Star Wars cannot help but be about Star Wars. it will always bow to reverence even whilst claiming to forge a new path... and yet, does all that matter when a film is entertaining enough and has Ideas, be they well thought out or not????? that's a rhetorical question btw don't answer that. all I can say is this much: lifting rocks is cool.

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