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  • Glass



    "i wasn't a mistake"

  • Trust



    for as long as mankind has walked on this Earth, we have been plagued by one insistent question that permeates everything we do, say, and maybe even think, one that remains truly unanswered despite many attempts made. and no, it’s not any of that banal “what is the meaning of life” Hallmark greeting card B.S., it’s what really matters: what is love? and who better to answer this question than some dorky, tall white guy from Long Island, New York…

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  • Pastoral: To Die in the Country

    Pastoral: To Die in the Country


    what's your first memory? i was only two years old, living in the suburbs outside of Birmingham, Alabama when i had first, and for pretty much the last time until recently, discovered snow. i kept getting pieces of ice from the snow stuck to my mittens while my brother pelted me with snowballs, which he seemed to have made so effortlessly. afterwards, my dad led me inside to a heater, which he proceeded to drop an ice cube into. i…

  • Satantango



    If U Make Me Wait For The Pussy And It's Dead I'm Stealing All Of Your Money