• The Scenic Route

    The Scenic Route


    one thing I’ve always ran into throughout my life is that people tend to downplay things that they or someone else might be going through, be it because of “there’s starving kids in the world”, “people have it worse,” et cetera. but the reality, more often than not, is how much these things affect those people that experience them is a lot larger than anyone from an outside perspective will give credit. so much of this life is internal and…

  • Spree



  • Glass



    "i wasn't a mistake"

  • Trust



    for as long as mankind has walked on this Earth, we have been plagued by one insistent question that permeates everything we do, say, and maybe even think, one that remains truly unanswered despite many attempts made. and no, it’s not any of that banal “what is the meaning of life” Hallmark greeting card B.S., it’s what really matters: what is love? and who better to answer this question than some dorky, tall white guy from Long Island, New York…

  • The Rocking Horsemen

    The Rocking Horsemen


    Obayashi, like any truly great director, has a complete and total understanding of the capacity art has to free the troubled, lost soul. art here refers to, as it should, countless methods of self-expression. motorbikes, cinema, photography, fireworks, books, and in the case of The Rocking Horsemen, rock music. even though Obayashi’s form is rooted in the heartache of days gone by, how it feels to approach the world as if you were approaching it for the first time, his…

  • Simple Men

    Simple Men


    i can't stand the quiet

  • Gerry



    whats better than this? guys being dudes

  • Psycho



    an exercise in trying to step into the same river twice, which, of course, inherently fails, but you get the feeling van sant knew that from the start and played that to his advantage. the little changes made eliminate otherwise jarring anachronisms that critics would've no doubt complained about (think Romeo + Juliet), and end up making this somewhat shot-for-shot remake nearly its own thing. feels generally uncanny n somewhat campy, but if those qualities rub you the wrong way, i dont know what to tell u

    unjustly maligned, only because it treads on " Sacred Ground "

  • Pastoral: To Die in the Country

    Pastoral: To Die in the Country


    what's your first memory? i was only two years old, living in the suburbs outside of Birmingham, Alabama when i had first, and for pretty much the last time until recently, discovered snow. i kept getting pieces of ice from the snow stuck to my mittens while my brother pelted me with snowballs, which he seemed to have made so effortlessly. afterwards, my dad led me inside to a heater, which he proceeded to drop an ice cube into. i…

  • Tiger on the Beat

    Tiger on the Beat


    datpiff exclusive

  • Cipher



    who the fuck eats yogurt topped with vanilla ice cream, raisins, and peanut butter for breakfast

  • His Motorbike, Her Island

    His Motorbike, Her Island


    my little corner of the world