Persona ★★★★★

Berken's May 30 Days, 30 Countries Challenge Film nº 12 - Sweden

After a surrealist introduction preparing us for this film, a freudian study of one's mind begins. A former actress devoted to silence is taken care by a nice nurse and both are sent to the doctor's summer cottage, the actress for healing, the nurse for assistance. Everything seems fine until their personalities start to merge as reality and fantasy.

It's not an easy movie to understand, it definitely deserves a rewatch, and more than one conclusion can be drawn from it. I won't talk about what I understood from it, because the beauty of this film is to watch it without having a preconceived idea in mind.

What I can say about this great psychological journey is that the cinematography is beautiful, the shots are really good and some of the effects are very interesting too. There's one scene where a character gets so infuriated we watch the film starting to burn before our eyes.

The acting is also brilliant, the main actresses can really complement themselves with wonderful acting. And the monologues are very well written.

Everyone should give this movie a chance, it's a masterpiece.

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