Skin Deep

Skin Deep

There's a lot going on under the skin (yuck yuck) of this movie that plays like a 90s indie drama in slasher drag. Hits many beats of a typical slasher (some sort of childhood trauma shown in stylized flashbacks and the ensuiung isolation and violence that create a damaged adult who forms parasocial relationships and has no ability to manage their emotions)... but it's not a slasher (or even a horror movie for that matter).

It is haunted by death, literally and figuratively: partners lost to AIDS, identities suppressed to the point of suffocation, relationships sacrificed for careers. Isolation and communication break downs abound (call the translator, now!). Merely exisitng is the pain of a thosand bee stings that change you on the surface and within, either you stop feeling it or you find pleasure in it? I dunno, I can't claim I got everything that was being presented, but that's also part of the human experience too.

Thanks for screening this messy, weird movie, Liz!

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