Suspiria ★★★★½

Bad Moms

The first time I saw this, I spent a good half hour or so actively hating it. It very deliberately walks a different path than the original, trading fairy tale nightmare logic mystery for exposition heavy, real world metaphor. Goblin's bombast is replaced with Thom Yorke piano noodling, and of all the things to lean into from the original, they chose... dance!? But by the time the central dance number hit I was hooked into this odd re-imagining with its Fassbinder hangouts and obsessive cataloging of divisions, revolutionaries, and the transference of power. Witches, they're just like us.

It really does cast some special spell, and despite all of the exposition and real world anchors, it ends up being just as inscrutable as the original. From the title card on, there seems to be some bit of information just on the periphery, barely held in the shot long enough to fully perceive. I wouldn't call this movie scary at all, but there are images that I can't shake, so it's more effective as horror in that regard than I would have thought.

See it as big and loud as possible.

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