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  • Summer Place Wanted

    Summer Place Wanted


    Some big names involved, but this can't get a passing grade. 1957 is very clearly not 2020. Somewhat enjoyable at times, silly at others, but on the whole too silly, and above all too sexist. Alludes to women being allowed to have flings, or affairs, but in the end of course only the men are, and then all is of course quickly forgiven.

  • Rasmus and the Vagabond

    Rasmus and the Vagabond


    The first film version of a novel by Astrid Lindgren (the 1981 version being far more famous). Interestingly enough released before the novel, as both are based on a radio play. A harmless children's film, rather typical of its time. The strongest part is Åke Grönberg, who seems to have fun as Oskar.

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  • The Guest

    The Guest


    A commendable effort to show the travails of a few of the many Syrian refugees forced to flee to Turkey, and onwards. No masterpiece and not quite able to capture the despair in the story, but certainly a recommended watch for anyone interested in the subject.

  • May God Save Us

    May God Save Us


    A competently directed and acted police thriller, but almost everything has been seen before, most obviously the odd cop couple (one direct and aggressive, and one timid, socially awkward, but of course a brilliant investigator). Okay, but not great.