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  • Alley Cats Strike

    Alley Cats Strike


    Alley Cats Strike is one of the many DCOMs that I missed over the years. The premise seemed a little predictable, but otherwise I didn't have any type of expectations for this. Thankfully, not only is there a delightful "theme song" for the film, typical plot with a scrappy bunch of kids pulling out all the stops to come out on top, and some hilarious shenanigans, but the quirky dynamic between the leads kept me watching. The finale delivers one…

  • A Troll in Central Park

    A Troll in Central Park


    Leave it to Don Bluth to make what is most simplistically a movie about a troll with a magical thumb into fantastic family entertainment. The NYC setting adds layers to the story, but the shining star here is the super campy villain Gnorga and the splendid musical sequences. The visuals - stunning 2D animation - are beautiful and speak to the legacy of Bluth. The man knew how to craft material that would stick with you. At a brisk hour…

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  • Halloween



    Omg YAAAAAS. Now THIS is how you do a Halloween sequel!

    Some more thoughts:
    -Jamie Lee’s Laurie is a broken and damaged character, and that plays out in the most intriguing ways possible. We get a close examination of how she has been effected by all of the tragedy in her past. The three-generation Strode family connection is probably my favorite aspect of the movie as a whole.
    -This movie makes Michael scary again. Rob Zombie made him brutal and…

  • Happiness Continues

    Happiness Continues


    Nick acknowledging his gay fanbase for 7 seconds in this was life-changing. The Happiness Begins Tour was my favorite of their tours by far and watching this again brought back all the feels. So emotional!