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  • Trolls Holiday in Harmony

    Trolls Holiday in Harmony


    Fan of the Trolls movies? Boy, have I got a treat for you… the series, which birthed one of the catchiest songs of the last decade, “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” comes back with a vengeance! An adorable holiday special the whole family can enjoy, Trolls Holiday in Harmony is brimming with the trademark humor and musical charms of the theatrical films. Writer/directors Sean Charmatz and Tim Heitz bring four brand-new songs to wrap you in a warm blanket as the season officially kicks off!

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  • The Unforgivable

    The Unforgivable


    Sandra Bullock gives a nuanced breakthrough performance with her turn in Netflix’s new dramatic thriller, The Unforgivable. Filling the shoes of freshly released ex-con Ruth, Bullock’s convincing and fiercely faithful character makes for a likable lead. The trauma of Ruth’s past hides a dark secret she has been shielding for the entirety of her 20-year sentence. Based on the British TV miniseries Unforgiven, The Unforgivable is a decent-enough redemption drama that is easily recommendable thanks to that stellar Bullock role.

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  • Halloween



    Omg YAAAAAS. Now THIS is how you do a Halloween sequel!

    Some more thoughts:
    -Jamie Lee’s Laurie is a broken and damaged character, and that plays out in the most intriguing ways possible. We get a close examination of how she has been effected by all of the tragedy in her past. The three-generation Strode family connection is probably my favorite aspect of the movie as a whole.
    -This movie makes Michael scary again. Rob Zombie made him brutal and…

  • A House on the Bayou

    A House on the Bayou


    Blumhouse horror is always reason enough for excitement; throw in an eerie Louisiana-setting and that is enough to warrant a must-watch in my book. Written and directed by Alex McAulay (2020’s excellent thriller, Don’t Tell a Soul), a pared-down story makes for an intimately-choreographed little horror flick. Just weird and mysterious enough to warrant a recommendation, A House on the Bayou is creepy backwoods horror that feels soaked in atmospheric grime.

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