Us ★★★★½

Very bold of Jordan Peele to release this year's clusterfuck masterpiece.

Is it messy? Yes.

Is it convoluted? Yes.

Is it beautifully ambitious? Yes.

Is it a proper follow-up to Get Out? Who gives a fuck?

Did I love every second of it? You fucking bet I did.

Just like mother! and Suspiria the last couple years, this is a brilliantly crafted, truly passionate piece of art, commonly acused of being 'too ambitious for their own good', but which I love with my entire heart. Incredibly exciting, entertaining & (at least for me) inspirational to insane degrees.

Jordan Peele went all-out weird. Yeah, it may not be as tightly or precisely scripted as Get Out, but 1) It's just as deep-cutting, or even more so. 2) i honestly could not care less about that comparison right now.

Just quoting CRD: "If you put out the DVDs of this and Get Out and asked me which one I’d want to rewatch, I’d choose Us."

I'm sorry for the super explosive/positive narrative I'm going for right now, but this kind of shit right here just makes me euphoric. I feel like it adds years to my life; and makes me want to make movies like nothing else out there.

I can't wait to rewatch it.

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