Werckmeister Harmonies

Werckmeister Harmonies ★★★½

Holy fuck i think i just got Béla Tarr’s filmmaking style. I hated Satantango but i like this one, too bad that i got into the movie a bit too late, I didn’t enjoy it at first. Poetic and sad movie, will rewatch it for sure. There are so many beautiful shots, like when he stares into the dead whale’s eye. I think i wowed at the beauty of that sequence, it was just so powerful and somber. The circus must be an allegory but i’m not good at finding meaning in these types of things unfortunately, i must be kinda dumb lmao. But the important thing is that i found meaning in having watched it even without grasping every single metaphor and message hidden in its black and white frames. Also circuses have always had some kind of importance in my life, especially my childhood, so they evoke this weird feeling in me that i can’t really explain as of now. Maybe one day i’ll be able to though.

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