Ghostkeeper ★★★★

”There are worse things out there than getting lost...”

Wow, I absolutely loved this one! An ominous snowed-in onslaught of lurking dread for 90 minutes straight. A blizzard raging on the outside, and some creepy old lady, chainsawin' maniac, windigo chaos raging within. The pacing can be brutally slow at times, and the story gets a bit lost near the end, but man is that brooding atmosphere ever thick!

Looks stunning too with the isolated snowy backdrop, and the cozy yet nightmarish warmth nestled inside the nearly abandoned Deer Lodge itself. Some major Shining vibes going on here. Maybe borrows a bit too much at times (like that old dude showing up just to get killed, c'mon...), but still does enough unique things to never feel like a total rip. Gotta love the Paul Zaza soundtrack as well, a chilling lil strings-laden number that sets the mood just right.

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