Giallo in Venice ★★★★

The eggs... the eggs...

WOW! I knew the reputation this one had for some extreme violence and pushing the boundaries of softcore sexploits, but somehow I'm still kinda shocked at just how far Giallo in Venice goes. That leg sawing session for Mariangela Giordano was insanely brutal, but man, anything coming after that fucked-by-scissors scene looks so tame in comparison. Real gruesome shit. Sprinkle in a heaping helping of bodily exploration done by Leonora Fani and Gianni Dei (and half the citizens of Venice...) and this makes for one downright sleazy watch.

The story was okay too, pretty straightforward revenge stuff. This doesn't rely on a twisted mess of a hundred red herrings running around. The killer-in-shades is known pretty much from the get-go, with some solid sex romping flashbacks filling in most of the other details. I did get a kick out of Jeff Blynn's shaggy lookin' egg gnawin' detective routine though, sporting the Maurizio Merli look as if he'd been whomped upside the head, and had a few too many shots of J&B. Definitely fits the vibe of this sleazoid flick just right.

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