Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla ★★★★

🩸Daily Horror Hunt #25 (July 2020)🩸
(7) Watch any of the Godzilla films.

Wow, this kicks off fast! We see the birth of our fishy 'zilla from a blood red sea, a god of nuclear waste, and almost immediately he starts wrecking shit on a massive scale! Wormin' his way down rivers and streets, his goofy-lookin' face staring vacantly as he spills crimson sludge every slither of the way, before finally evolving into the beast we all know and love. GODZILLA!!

The look is exceptional, love the red glow under the skin, the crispiness to it's crust, and the use of retro 'zilla music and sound FX has the same menacing scope nearly 70 years later. The CGI isn't always the best, the closeups can be a bit wonky, but it's used at such an enormous scale that the small details really don't matter. The first time GZ retaliates, letting out a howl of anger... chills

But yeah, Godzilla is amazing, the action set pieces are incredible... big surprise. But the political intrigue and bureaucratic red tape, now that's what I'm talkin' about! It's strange, but I found watching our group of officials figure out what to do with the giant radioactive beast more compelling than actually watching the beast do it's thing. The sappy drama is kept to a minimum, there's no real protagonist, it's just a team flailing to find something, anything that will work. There's a realness to it, small people faced with a massive problem and stepping up to the plate. It's captivating to watch.

A government blaming itself for a slow disaster response... huh, go figure.

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