Wild Beasts

Wild Beasts ★★★★

The town's water supply has been laced with PCP, the animals at the zoo are getting high AF, and the newfangled computer door system just malfunctioned when a HORDE OF ELEPHANTS crashed through the wall, causing all the other animals to come pouring out! I've never been sold on a movie so quick! One awesome scene after another as the beasts run rampant across the city. Loved the high speed chase with the cheetah vs. the VW bug, the elephants going all smooshy on some two-legged dopes, and the entire sequence with the polar bear catching up on some ballet lessons. Those end credits rolled WAY too soon!

But man, did this really have the audacity to have a “No animals were harmed in the making of” message pop up at the beginning? So I guess I just imagined that poor kitty getting eaten alive by rats, the rats getting flamethrowered to death, and a whole barnyard of animals being torn apart by lions and hyenas... among other things. For every killer scene of humans being turned into fleshy gore puddles, there's an equal dose of real life cruelty that weighs this down to a disgusting level. It sucks.

I'm giving this four stars for how insane 'n' action packed the movie is, but with a big ol' asterisk for sure. Fuckin' 1980's Italian horror man...

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