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  • The Globalisation Tapes

    The Globalisation Tapes


    Who can say how I feel now that I’ve apparently become a documentary hater but I’ve loved both of Oppenheimer’s other documentaries quite a lot, they’re powerful and upsetting and brutally honest. So of course the idea of a movie where he basically just gives his equipment to regular Indonesian workers and tells them to go wild and make a movie that shows what they want to tell the world about the exploitation of Indonesia by other countries for their…

  • The Driftless Area

    The Driftless Area


    Between John Hawkes, Aubrey Plaza, and - of course - Anton Yelchin this is a lot of actors I really like pulling off legitimately good performances and hey even Zooey Deschanel is decent. I think the story has a lot of potential too, I was really drawn to the way it tracks the ennui of living in a part of the US that’s kinda dead culturally. Nothing moves here, nothing changes, it’s just sad and angry and violent and people…

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  • Us and Them

    Us and Them


    You know I was crying about the dad’s letter and when they show how his New Year’s dinners slowly got less and less busy I was gone.

  • The Owls

    The Owls


    This is absolutely rough around the edges but I think it’s super important and super engaging. The actual plot of this movie is kinda messy and irrelevant but I like to see the gears turning in Cheryl Dunye’s head cause she’s really smart and as an exploration on the way queer women change generation to generation it really worked. I really appreciated the one woman who was basically like a lot of old lesbians can be really terfy and we need…