Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★½

I almost forgot I watched this after work yesterday with a friend cause we were there late. The way our current movie schedule is set up The Irishman ends an hour after the next latest movie so it’s just a question of hoping that no one comes to see it every night. But surprisingly it was the busiest movie of the night cause the universe wants to kick me down.

I definitely appreciated this more on rewatch though. I think it’s still his worst or second worst movie but that’s cause Taika is really good. The parody nature of it works a lot better when you know where it’s going and isn’t as uncomfortable as the first time. I still think it doesn’t entirely work as either a story calling nazis scared and immature children or as a cautionary tale of what can happen to children without a good support structure but it sits in a acceptable level on both of those ideas. Sam Rockwell is still a weird “one of the good Nazis” character but at least he was funnier the second time. I can also appreciate that Taika knows how to make Rebel Wilson funny and doesn’t really rely on her weight to do it, more on that she has a good expressive face for humor. I was also more touched by the emotional scene cause my friend was crying so it hit more which didn’t happen the first time and she was all tears at the ending.

This movie doesn’t have Rachel House in it though so I’m declaring that’s why this doesn’t have the heart of Boy or Hunt for the Wilderpeoole. I’m hoping he’s able to go back and make a New Zealand story again after this cause I miss em!

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