Old ★★★

The amount of times I laughed at Vicky Krieps saying “there’s something wrong with this bitch” in the trailer and they cut the line from the movie? M Night this was your most fucked up twist yet...

Right off the bat I think the clearest issue I have is that rating is pretty restricting. There aren’t a lot of moments that feel stifled but any moment that does ends up really awkward. The story has the option to go more on the physical side of your body growing older or the psychology aspect of watching your life drift away but it sorta drags its feet on picking a direction. It ultimately feels a little confused about how far it wants to go into aging-as-body horror so when it tries to do gore and it cuts away or does the bare minimum cause it’s PG-13 it just makes it end up feeling more confused. There is one wild sequence near the end that’s kinda creepy and does something unique with the rapid aging thing but I don’t really think it fits the movie even if it’s an interesting idea.

I do actually like the reveal here too. I think in a sea of so many stories where the motivations get wrapped up in “evil business that wants to watch you” I respect that the business actually has a purpose and isn’t pointlessly ambiguous. You can tell me that less details makes things scarier all you want it doesn’t make the villains have any more weight. I think I was simultaneously expecting it to be bad and also good so I think I’m content with what I saw. Hell of a lot better than Glass.

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