The Royal Tenenbaums

The Royal Tenenbaums ★★★

Apparently I’m in the minority but I thought this film highlights all the critiques people have with Wes Anderson films. The characters felt way over the top making it hard to empathize with any of them, the story was a little too concerned with being quirky and different to the point that I thought it lacked a lot of necessary structure and intricacy. While the score and the cinematography were both equally stunning (like in every Wes Anderson film), I really thought this film felt cluttered, long, and to be quite frank uninteresting. I will say though the bathroom hair cutting scene with Luke Wilson really hit me for some reason, but besides that the film felt relatively bland. I feel like The Royal Tenenbaums is a less impactful and more hollow version of some of the films Wes Anderson has gone on to make.

6.6 / 10

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