Enola Holmes ★★★

Enola Holmes is an acting showcase for the gifted Millie Bobby Brown. In the titular role, she displays a level of control in the gender-bending detective role and lives up to the Sherlock Holmes legend. The pacing of her delivery, even if coming out of a dull screenplay, lights up the screen. Her performance is a firecracker that elevates a more boilerplate interpretation of a well-established character and her bright younger sister.

There's an emotional center with Enola and the connection to her mother that fills out her backstory. And, her budding desire for interdependence and unrepentant attitude towards the conventional woman. The lack of subtlety and subtext when discussing the heavier themes of the film play into this idea of it being a meandering narrative. At its core, it's a classic adventure film with the familiar structure tied in with themes of the family to give it substance, which gives it the appearance of a meandering feel.

To be frank, it was not a trainwreck like I'd heard from others but certainly not my cup of tea stylistically. Nevertheless, it was an excellent two-hour reprieve into a lively world of simplistic mystery and a fantastic performance from Millie Bobbie Brown

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