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  • The Italian Job

    The Italian Job


    Edward Norton and his ridiculous facial hair made for a humdrum villain. Mini Cooper romp aside, it’s all pretty pedestrian.

  • Cooties



    A horror comedy about teachers trapped in a school by zombie children? And there's extreme violence inflicted by and upon the zombie children? Plus a mustachioed Rainn Wilson to boot?! Totally sign me up!

    While there's a few funny moments, mainly due to Rainn Wilson and Leigh Whannell's ridiculous supporting characters, it's uninspired and totally fails to live up to the clever premise. The idea has so much potential!!

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  • Kung Fu Hustle

    Kung Fu Hustle


    I have never seen my mother laugh as hard at a movie as she did during the Road Runner-esque scene where the Landlady is chasing Sing.

    This completely wacky and remarkably inventive sequence is just one of many scenes throughout that always crack me up. The creativity, some most excellent fight sequences, and Stephen Chow's hilarious shenanigans mixed in all contribute to this being an all-time favourite.

    My vote for the most gut busting of Stephen Chow's filmography.

  • Soul



    Soul is highly entertaining and visually gorgeous, but also feels like a medley of Pixar's greatest hits with much borrowed from the charming music-based Coco and the phenomenal Inside Out popping up. However, the influence of Pixar's past isn't necessarily detrimental considering how spectacular most of their filmography is.

    Freshens up the Pixar formula of adult dissatisfaction/heartbreak/longing by centering the story around a Black character for the first time ever and brings along Tina Fey as a lost soul named…