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This review may contain spoilers.

Love this film upon rewatch. It’s a visual masterpiece. I love how cryptic the narrative is. Can’t doubt it’s influence on cinema. Here are my running thoughts where I try to make sense of it all.

• A montage about movie making. Classic writer/director trope. 

• Who is this kid? Are we him? Is he our surrogate?

• Seems like Elizabet isn’t in need of mental rehabilitation. She just needs escape from her hectic work life.

• This really gripping scene where Alma confesses to Elizabet an orgy with her friend and two boys was ruined when I remembered that it was written my Ingmar fricken Bergman. (Aside: We need more female script writers).

• Wait maybe Alma represents our fascination with celebrity and how we project ourselves onto them.

• No Elizabet is using this retreat as a character study for a role.

• Is the subtext here that Bergman sometimes blurs the lines between his personal life and his work consequently effecting the people around him?

• There goes Bergman again with another domestic violence scene.

The Lighthouse is basically a nautical male version of Persona.

• Fuck Alma is Elizabet

• Ohhhh actually Alma is Elizabet’s portrait of what sanity is and plays the role to get by, thus Alma only exists as an internal voice that we, the audience, see externally for cinematic effect.

• never mind this was all a dream sequence.

• here’s the boy again.

• the credits show that the boy is Elizabet’s son...

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