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  • Heart of a Dog

    Heart of a Dog

    Laurie Anderson reflects on the deaths of her dog, her mother and her partner (Lou Reed) in this personal essay. It wasn't to my taste. I found it incredibly boring, visually uninteresting and the comparison between her dog being almost-attacked by hawks and 9/11 seemed remarkably vapid. It covers lots of topics, including Wittgenstein, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, and her dog playing the piano - something she insists he was good at despite clear video evidence of the opposite.

  • Sanctuary



    Sanctuary is a little gem. It's a thoroughly charming, very funny, and extremely likeable Irish film made on a very low budget. Larry, who has Downs, and severe epileptic Sophie want to spend some time together and ask their care worker Tom to arrange a hotel for them. Any sexual relationship between them would be illegal, although the law on this has recently changed in Ireland, yet Tom reluctantly agrees to do it during a day trip to the cinema.…