Joker ★★★★½

I am not a superheroes or comic book fan...I know absolutely nothing about the DC or Marvel universe or the Batman mythology...I probably would not have been interested in this film at all had I not seen the trailer and been blown away by the dark Scorsese-esque tone.

Wow...and BLOWN AWAY I am!!! This was absolutely incredible. And yes, the Scorsese tone was absolutely spot on!
It’s an obvious homage to both Taxi Driver and The King Of Comedy...with Arthur Fleck being the perfect cross between Travis Bickle and Rupert Pupkin (making Robert DeNiro’s casting in the Jerry Lewis-like role pure brilliance)

Todd Philips’ direction was amazing. From the opening 70’s-era Warner Bros logo to the finale of Cream’s White Room to the dilapidated 70’s Gotham City settings...

And what can I say about Joaquin Phoenix that won’t already be said by everybody else in the world...? Absolute perfection and absolutely Oscar worthy.
With all due respect to Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger, this will forever be the quintessential performance of Joker.

Being the great opening week success this has had, I wouldn’t be surprised if this churns out sequels and this becomes this next decade’s franchise (with the Bruce Wayne Story included in the film, it’s surely setting itself up), but if Todd Phillips can maintain THIS level of darkness without compromise, I’m on board...send in the clowns! 🤡