Suspiria ★★★★★

I have yet to see the original but my god... this was something else, something that is completely indescribable. 

I’m just completely dumbfounded and speechless. 

Suspiria was everything I anticipated from a Luca Guadagnino horror film: beautiful yet visceral, haunting while being enchanting, and energetic to the point of being disturbing. It was an all out attack on my sense and I simply did not expect that from this film. 

From a filmmaking standpoint, this was absolutely phenomenal. I loved Guadagnino’s direction, he is slowly becoming one of my favorite directors. Every shot was so well crafted and focused, by far one of my favorite aspect of the film. The editing was exceptional during the dancing scenes. The cinematography was stunning and feels very grindhouse to me. Also, this isn’t anything important but the opening sequence/title sequence really reminded me of the opening to Call Me By Your Name, that really caught my attention. 

Something else that caught my eye was the color palette, I know that the original film was more vibrant and neon lights but the use of such minimalistic colors was really eye popping. All the reds, grays and browns was, for once, quite refreshing to see. Another factor that I really enjoyed was the acting: this was by far Dakota Johnson’s finest work, along side Mia Goth. They were really fantastic to see. But Tilda Swindon truly shocked me, she honestly gave me goosebumps. My god, she was scene stealer and I was utterly fascinated by the fact that she played three key characters. THREE and I didn’t even recognize the other two characters aside from Madame Blanc. 

Oh my god, I can’t believe I forgot to mention Thom Yorke’s score that was just phenomenal. It fit the film so well. 

I’m just at a lost of words after viewing this film.

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