• Do Revenge

    Do Revenge


    Cute pastel preppy aesthetics, but with a corny script and nasty unlikable characters.
    I want to wear that minty lilac school uniform with the little beret 🥺

  • Moana



    Moana is a great protagonist, she is brave, kind, cute, loving, loves her family and wants to protect and help them, she is a good leader, has a nice sense of humour and good nature. Really nice lead and she makes the movie in my opinion and is one of the better Disney protagonists.

  • Molly


    A movie designed for NT normie Americans to feel better about themselves! Very offensive portrayal of autism.
    It might not seem that way, so let me give you a little look deeper into it.

    Molly herself is romanticised as this cute, innocent, childish girl. Even the tagline is "Innocence is bliss. See the world through her."
    It seems pretty common for autistic women and women with other mental problems to be portrayed this way.
    This began in the Victorian era,…

  • Novitiate


    Another filmic attack on nuns, nunsploitation dressed up as arthouse.

    You wouldn't see a movie about Muslim girls being sexualised like this, and having their beliefs mocked. But since the Catholic church is so powerful and dominant in the world, filmmakers like to rebel against "The Man", I guess. But God forbid you criticize the Muslims. It would be very controversial and you'd be called an Islamophobe.

    Nearly every film with nuns as the subject or protagonist is some sort…

  • Peter Rabbit

    Peter Rabbit

    Not cute or dainty enough

  • mother!


    Even the poster is a ripoff of Rosemary's Baby!

  • Cool World

    Cool World


    A cartoonist makes his waifu come to life!

    A Pygmalion story for a new generation. Or new at the time. I don't know why everyone says this is a bad film, I think it's hilarious and pretty enjoyable. So many times I was laughing throughout this movie, especially when those cartoony extra guys were flying around randomly, spoiling dramatic scenes.

    The animation is very expressive, if a bit rugged. I've got to watch more of Bakshi's films.

    I brought this on DVD for $5 and watched it with my boyfriend, he hated it but I really liked it haha. 3.7 doodles out of 5.

  • The Boss Baby

    The Boss Baby

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    So cute, I love the Chuck Jones influenced art, 'I'm In Heaven' as the theme song, and the ending... I cried during the ending... And seeing the protagonist and his brother grown-up and with the protagonist's daughter and her sister... So adorable

    This movie has a very nice soundtrack too

  • Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast


    A big slap to the face for animation fans.
    Why remake a perfect Animated Film into a live action one?
    It implies that "2D Animation is inferior to live action! This is a PROPER, MATURE, SOPHISTICATED MOVIE"
    That's what it's saying, to me and many other animation fans.
    It's saying "2D Animation is FLAT BORING KIDDY SHIT compared to REAL PEOPLE and 3D CGI, and it shouldn't even exist".

    Disney used to be at the forefront and cutting-edge of the…