In the Mood for Love ★★★★

One of the words that comes to mind when thinking about this film is: “delicate.” That’s not to be taken ironically, as in: This film was “precious.” I mean the portrayal of humanity was delicate. And so completely accurate. Heartbreak in the mere “practicing” of confronting one’s partner about their potential infidelity. Portraying a freeze frame as if to signal how time becomes trapped in our minds. How many images of past loves are locked away in my own psyche, filtered through the lens of an untrustworthy memory, reflective of a moment that may not have existed quite the way I think it did. What exists beyond the snapshot of her walking away? “Refinement” is another word that feels true of the film. “Unconsummated love” two more of significance. An emotional affair. What is that? I think back to past relationships, and my thoughts drift to the mundane. How confining emotions become when the consequences feel so major. Sometimes the consequences feel too much to bear. The emotions bind until time reframes the affair. Time changes everything. How delicate the mind is when beliefs and emotions direct the production. How delicate we become when the consequences of time’s thumbprint are overlooked.

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