All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front ★★★★½

To many the 1930 silent film is the standard for all WWI movies, and it is really a great film, which is not easy for me to say as I don’t always enjoy silent films. The 1979 version was the version I was introduced to, and I wish I had seen it more recently, because I can’t remember a lot about it. This film version does more than an adequate job brining the classic 1929 German book to the big screen. In German as it should be, it already has that much going for it ahead of the 1979 made for American television version. The battles sequences are good as you’d expect, the acting is also good, and if I had any real complaints it was with the annoying jarring synth sound in the soundtrack. I’m sure it is there specifically for that jarring affect, but honestly it was just annoying.

It’s a great film, I liked it more than 1917 that is for sure, I would still say Paths of Glory is the best WWI film, but this and the original have to be up there.

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