1917 ★★★★

It was always going to be great. Mendes and Deakins teaming up together to make a film about World War one, yes please.

Of course it's technically breathtaking. Every shot is a painting, a masterclass in what you can do with a camera. Comparable to Kubrick's "Paths of Glory" not just for its setting but for the way the camera moves through the trenches. Also has elements of Speilberg's "Saving Private Ryan" in the simplicity of its narrative. I really think it's one of the great war films and will be remembered in years to come as fondly as those mentioned previously. It takes you and immerses you into a world that feels so tactile and real but always horrifying. It's pure cinema.

*To Mark, if you're reading this. I couldn't agree more with your review when you were talking about the spoiler in the trailer. It's such a massive one. It only took me about 30 or so minutes in to realise that, that shot would have to be at the end of film. I wish I had never seen the trailer to have a more authentic experience. Seems like a big mistake from their part including it in almost all of the marketing. Great film though.

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