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  • How to Deter a Robber

    How to Deter a Robber

    How to waste 85 mins of your life you‘re never getting back. I wasn’t in on this joke, at all.

  • Rascal



    An enigmatic convict is released from prison and can’t shake his old ways. Gripping drama that profits from an icily menacing turn by Deladonchamps. Single-minded, but occasionally perhaps still has too much going on. I’m being vague on purpose, in case you‘re wondering.

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  • Synonyms



    Playfully challenging film on constitution of identity. On top, you get a great dance scene and quality penis content as well.

  • Bacurau


    During the film, Udo Kier once says: The next time you use a cliche, don’t be so stupid. Well, the movie should have heeded its own advice. This thinly veiled and sci-fi tinged story of a  Brasilian village resisting occupation and the evils of consumerism, capitalism, politicians and what have you is forced, desperate and obvious as they come. The Most Dangerous Game subplot is especially cringey. Nothing here but political confirmation bias with everything thrown at the wall and nothing sticking. It also somehow manages to be boring. Has one of the all time great head-shots on film, so not completely useless.