The Power of the Dog

The Power of the Dog ★★★★½

In the beginning, there is a foreboding sense of tension and terror that comes with Phil in each scene. The slow steps, the devilish look in his eyes, the creepy and calm whistling. Jane Campion presents him as a lonesome man, even when he is surrounded by people singing praises for him . Ari Wagner's sharp camera work makes even his pale figure appear towering. The piercing and calm music of Greenwood announces his arrival in each scene. Cumberbatch gives his everything to the character, commanding respect for how beautifully he have slipped into a role he have never done before as a brutal ranchman. The characters are mere dolls in his hands at first and as the movie progresses we slowly see the power dynamics changing. The repressed emotions coming out. After all who could have kept it all in for eternity without even one finding out, who we are truly inside even when we try to mask ourselves with loud, deafening screams and disgusting slurs? Even when we become good, can we ever mend our past actions? Or will they catch up with us when we least expect it ?

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