Tenet ★★★★½

We live in a twilight world, and there are no friends at dusk. 

Loved it! Classic Nolan. 

Cast was fantastic! John David Washington and Robert Pattinson were great!!! Elizabeth Debicki step on my neck please. 

Score was good too, had my heart pumping. Although the sound mixing wasn’t the best I missed quite a lot of the dialogue. 

Exposition (which you’d expect and need from a Nolan film) was done well through both action and dialogue. There’s a lot to take it as you go through. 

And is it better than Inception? Not for me, no. But only because Inception felt more personal with what was at stake for Leo/Cobb and his children. Doesn’t mean the stakes aren’t as intense in Tenet but I just didn’t find them as personal. Just as original and exciting as Inception though. 

Can’t wait for round two!!

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