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  • Blade

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  • Twilight



    I'm definitely watching all of twilight saga when I'm in specific mood for specific comedy stuff. 'Cause if you watch this stuff in a mindset that this is comedy it is a good comedy. But in the other mindset it not that great. (And memes about twilight is always a good shit)

  • Blade



    I remember accidentally watching first scene as a kid and it kinda traumatized me and more than 10 years later I still remembered it... watching it now (and the whole movie in general) it's not as horrifying as I thought it's going to be from that one memory about it. In general not a bad movie but it's not a horror movie for sure

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  • Vampyros Lesbos

    Vampyros Lesbos


    Tbh while watching this movie it feels like it is such a mess (a nice mess tho). But after a while when you rethink everything it starts to make sense.