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Identity theft is not a joke.

Cinema is magic in the service of dreams.

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  • Incendies
  • Andaz Apna Apna
  • Avatar: The Way of Water
  • Close-Up

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  • Babylon



    You know what we have to do? We have to redefine the form, map those dreams, and print them into history.

    Unlike the trailer suggested film isn't as lively and brisk which sometimes work for the film during the long tranquil moments but mostly and i mean a lot of scenes felt way too overlong and that's where it was unexpected to see Chazelle stretching out many scenes cause aside Whiplash I'm not a Chazelle guy but normally i like…

  • Pathaan



    And that's how sexy, unapologetic and full on bonkers and banana cinema is back... I was surprised as hell when few years ago I saw War and now with this Sid Anand is establishing himself as the coolest MF in bolly town with the way he understands the mass cinema while still having his own voice and including the naughty and sexy cinema without being cheap which was indeed missing in the recent bollywood films.
    The action set pieces. HOLY…

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  • Spencer


    Robert Pattinson 🦇👱
    Kristen Stewart 👸👑
    It's time for Taylor Lautner to shine. 😎

    We live in a twilight world.

    For a detail review on the film

  • Badhaai Do

    Badhaai Do


    While entering into the film i knew the film is about homosexuality and was afraid of the representation because of history of bollywood but when u show a gay character a policeman and working out in gym and a lesbian character a PT teacher you know the makers are already trying to break the stereotypes in first five mins even if it's in minor way but my goodness I wasn't expecting this film to moved me in substantial way. We…